Ugly Prep Day and Some Testing Gone Bad.

This year Tower Marine has me in yard storage and I'm less than 100 feet from the power! I decided I to have to take this opportunity to go to work on the deck with the power sanders and get some prep done.  Things always look worse before they get better right. I started by grinding on the hatch with my dremel tool. It had a lot of gel coat cracks and I found the dremel to be the perfect tool to open up the gel coat, so I could fill them with West System 410 fairing compound. After the first round I sanded and laid down a layer of high build laquer primer. Then I sanded and filled again. Then another layer of laquer primer. It is not perfect but it will be much better than what I started with.  The cockpit area remains one of the trickest to work in.  All the corners and working around the drains has taken some time. I removed all the hatches and sanded in all the little crevise that allow water to drain from the seating. It took quite a while to get all the traveler position numb

Snot or Not.

This weekend I continued working on the cockpit floor. This is the outside of the area I'm building up support for. The cockpit is mainly what is precipitating this project. It is pretty scuffed up and has had some modifications done over the years.   On the inside, I'm building up the corner with West System coated matting. Last weekend I was thwarted by gravity.  The layer I put on stuck to the vertical points with no problem but it fell off the horizontal (bottom of the floor) sometime after I left. Hopefully, this second time is the charm.  I also got a 1st coat of filling primer on the hatch. I will need to do some more filling and sanding but the first coat of primer will help me see where I need to work more. Still trying to decide on a white paint for the smooth surfaces of the boat. But the Kiwi Grip arrived this week and I love the box it came in.  I'm going to have to keep this away for the penguins.   

Boat Yoga Deck Re-finishing Step 1.

 With another amazing weather weekend, I decided it was time. One of the projects I've been eyeing on Woodstock is a deck re-finish. To make this happen I started with a bit of boat yoga.  I emptied out the sail lockers and went down in them to lay a few layers of supporting fiberglass mat to the bottom of the floor. The floor has some spider cracking and I think the extra support below will help prevent it from coming back once the top is ground out and filled.  The hatch is one of the areas with the most spider cracking so I ground out the offending areas with my Dremel tool and then mixed up some West system with 410 fairing compound.   The non-skid deck in the cockpit is in pretty rough shape and I've been doing a lot of research to figure out what to use.  I want to keep the original look of the non-skid and the best match I've found is Kiwi Grip.  I'm still up in the air on what to use on the smooth surfaces like the hatch and bulkhead where the compass is mounted

Fake Spring..??

  I made it down to the boat last weekend. These warm days pushing 50 degrees make it crazy tempting to pull the covers and get to work.  I suspect Mother Nature is about to throw a giant snow ball at us.   In anticipation of more snow I pulled the cover off the bow to take a few measurements and recoil the roller furler. For now I'm leaving the cockpit covered.  Spring can't get here soon enough and there were no shortage of people in the yard working on little projects today.

Thinking Spring

 Thinking Spring will be here soon so we can get back to this. 


 Down to take some measurements today.  It's pretty frosty but the cover is holding up.

Merry Christmas, and have a Genoa good year!

I discovered that my Mirage 24 fore triangle set up is very similar to that of a J-24. So I was able to pick up a good condition used racing sail for cheap to replace my aging Genoa. This weekend I laid it over my old sail to check the dimension would work and then got to work converting it for my furler. This is an easier conversion than last year's as the sail leading edge is sized perfectly for my furler application.  Here is the link for the process from last time.  This was much easier I simply removed the hanks and sewed the sail tape on.  No cutting or dimension changes for this sail.   Merry Christmas Here is a Quick Video I clipped together of the Stitching. @chrisbroadwater0 Sail Repair for Woodstock. ##mirage24 ♬ Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael BublĂ©