Thursday, August 17, 2017

Typhoons Tubing

 This year I upgraded my motor to a 7.5 long shaft and it has made a big difference on the way we use the boat. While it is a bit much the power is sure nice to have. It also uses more gas  ⛽  but has been worth it.  The trip up the river to the lake is about 40 minutes and the extra horse power make it go a bit easier especially on high traffic days.

What do you do when you hit the lake and there is absolutely no wind.  I mean zero, zilch, notta.  How about tie the pool floaty to the back and pull the kid around.  I know sacrilege a sailboat tubing but the kid had a great time. 

Getting into position.


Set Go.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venetian Feast

Venetian fest is no joke in Saugatuck.  It is super fun and a must visit weekend. This year Remax had their hot air balloon going. The bbq was great and the beer tent was and music were rocking.

 The boat parade theme was A Salute to the Military.
 Tower Marines new floating docks were all lit up. Super nice job guys.
 The fireworks 🎆🎇 are second to none. Every year these fire works eclipse the 4of July display and this year was no exception.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

West System Sets up a Great Week Here.

Several years back, I built this Kayak.  It is fun to see the fish swim under you in the shallows while you paddle.  this summer, West System ran a competition on their Facebook page.  You know the kind, post a picture of something you built with their product and they will pick a winner. My kayak won a West System prize pack.  

Over the years, I have tried different epoxy systems with limited success but if I want something done right I always go back to West System.  Six10 is my current go to product for everything.  It is a thickened epoxy in a resealable caulking tube.  The kayak above was built with the traditional 105 system.  I actually still have my first West System project a Gee Gee model pond yacht.  This stuff is tough and well worth considering if you are looking to do any kind of repair on your boat or around the house.  I actually have a list of odds and ends around the house that need to be epoxied for when I mix up a batch.  

If you really like the kayak you can find the plans over here at Yostwerks.  Here is a link to some of the photos from my own build.

On Lake Kalamazoo we ran across this couple who have been anchored in the bay for a few days.  They decided to pull anchor and pop up a few sails. We had a good time zig zagging back and forth across the lake with them.  If anyone knows the crew of the Dachaidh pass this along. It was a great day for a sail. 

More tiller time for Myles on Goshorn Lake 

And some RC boat action.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Typhooning what a boat does best.

Out today doing what the Typhoon does best.  Sailing, fishing and beach bobbing.  

Leaving the harbor.  Myles is getting some serious tiller time today.

Here is a short video of us underway on Lake Michigan.

Myles has mostly navigated by using visual fixes.  
 Point the bow at that (insert object here).

However on the big lake with no visual cues this becomes an issue.

Thus compass navigation becomes the norm of the day.  
"Hold a course of 270 degrees. Chicago is only 2 days away."

Mr. Fisherman

Trolling off the stern,

Focused at the tiller

Sleeping at the tiller.

Bobbing at the beach.

Our trusty ice chest keeps our towels and supplies dry  as we swim from the boat to the beach.

Beach finds of the day were sparse.

Snorkeling however was great.

Floating pretty.

On the return trip we started with the Genoa but switched to the Spinnaker for the run back to the channel. 

Back to Sea

Spinnaker Set

Down Wind Run! I'm loving that wide angle lens. 

On the way back in we had to wait for the chain ferry.  My understanding is it is the last of it's kind in the U.S. now. 

With the chain ferry docked we're clear to go on.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oval Beach Invasion

Today we set off for some big lake adventures on Lake Michigan.  With waves around 1ft we made good time sailing south to Oval Beach.  Oval is a huge destination beach and we usually go by car, logistically it is easier but nowhere near as fun.  

Lunch Time

Oval Beach Land Ho

As we close in on the beach I like to anchor near one of the swim area markers.  This performs two tasks; first, it shortens the swim to the beach.  Second, and more importantly, is it gives me an easy frame of reference to see if my anchor is dragging.  After all, I'm anchoring on a sand bar and it would be nice to know if the boat is moving before it gets too close to shore. 

Finding an anchorage site.  

The picture here doesn't really do it justice, we were quite close.   Close enough to chat with a couple who came out and asked what kind of boat we were on and have a whole conversation about the water temperature and depth while they stood on the other side of the maker post. 

From shore I can easily tell if the anchor is dragging.
Next the belly boarder hits the waves.

Then there was some digging for treasure.

And more belly boarding

Sailing home the wind had come up a bit more and this guy was a little chilly. 

In the distance the Mt. Bald Head Radar Tower dominates the sky line.

We even saw the Star of Saugutuck out on the big lake today churning south. 

Then the Star passed us in the channel on the way back to the marina.  

Once back in Lake Kalamazoo we popped the sails up once more and made a few more passes in front of Tower Marine before coming into dock.  Overall it was a great day to be out on the lake. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Rigged and Ready

Rigged and Ready.  We even got out Sunday (Mothers Day) for a quick shake down.  Things are looking good and we are ready for the season

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mixed Mediums Switching From Varnish to Teak Oil

This year I have decided to switch up not just my bottom paint but I'm starting to phase out the varnish for teak oil.  The varnish does a nice job but it tends to have some difficulties holding up on horizontal services and the toe rails.  The other problem I tend to run into with the varnish is the need to have several good warm days to apply it.  My plan is to have the boat in the water sometime in the next week and frankly we've only had a few days that would have been warm enough to varnish.

This season, I have moved to a mixed medium; some areas varnish and some teak oil.  By next season I expect all of the wood work on the boat will be switched over.  I have been pleasantly surprised how well the two have worked in combination.  The teak oil color matches very well and two coats of oil bring the sheen right up to the same level of the remaining varnish.

Starting sanding of the rails.

Cape Dory Typhoon
Nicely scuffed up peeling and flaking removed.

Horizontal surface issues tend to be exacerbated near all the screw heads  I think this has a lot to do with the reflective nature of the metal and their tendency to heat up in the sun..

The teak oil blends really nicely against the varnish..  It looks great and it is also nice for touching up the scuffs on the areas still varnished. 

Teak toe rails oiled with two coats.