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Venitian Festival

This weekend we had a great group of friends come down for the weekend.  We grilled, we swam, we watched fireworks go bam.  We even got in a little sailing in before everyone got there.   The Typhoon is a great fun boat but when you have a crowd over it is little.  Here are a few things I do to make things a bit more comfortable.   1st I raise the boom at the mast.  This adds a good deal of extra head room for everyone. Second get out the cushions. 3rd I close up the scuppers more than 3 people on board and we all get soggy toes. 4th I set up the cabin.  To do this I pull out the compression post and put the v berth board back in so the kids will have more room to play.  Let the party begin.

Costal Cruising and a Deck Monkey

I was down at the marina the other day and a guy I know comes over and says when was the last time you had to put $365 in you sail boat.  I figured he had just put some cash down on an engine repair.  I was racking my brain $365  ???   He stopped my train of thought as I must have been drifting off. Then he told me that is what he spent at the gas dock this morning.  I laughed, we use a gallon a gas per season, maybe a gallon.  We got to talking and we realized we had not been out on Lake Michigan since the first season we owned her.  So we set up this weekend to head out. Lake Michigan is about 40 minutes from our dock.  This is the number one reason we sail in Lake Kalamazoo. The cannal is easy to navigate and we only had to slow down slightly for the chain ferry that crosses the river. We made it out to to a flat and smooth lake.  Here is a photo of another Cape Dory that slid out of the harbor just ahead of us. We rigged for light wind and set off.  The plan was to go to the beach