Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A quick sewing project

One little thing that bothers me is finding water in my winches after it rains.  I decided it was high time I sewed up some winch covers.  This little project took very little time once I sat down and got it started.  The tape measure made several trips back and forth to the marina in the bottom of the cooler before I used it to measure the winches.  

The winch is three and a quarter inches tall so I started by making the sides up.  This gets sewed to the round top piece.

Turns out a Bush's bean can is the perfect circumference. 

I put the cover on the can to pin up so I'd get a nice tight finish.

Completed i turned it right side out and it looks like this is finished.

I left the elastic extra long to tie under the winch mounting brackets.

There we are. Nice, cozy and dry winches tucked in under their covers.

The long elastic ties under so the wind does not take them away. 


  1. What a great idea. I never use winch cranks on Baggy Wrinkles so my winches area always full of water. I would like to get an insert for them that would keep out the water but not sure such exists. In spite of that, your winches are beautiful. Mine are the Gibbs variety and are a bit pitted and grey. Alas!

    1. My uncle and I where talking about the many hardware changes cape dory made over the years. He had the gray winches and cleats on his boat. Funny thing is his boat was older than mine. I had always thought that cape dory switched to the gray stuff on the new boats to save on production costs. Turns out I was wrong. I wonder if the bronze winches and cleats where an upgrade or anniversary edition. I am really happy to have them. My father-in-law says at the end some of the Ty where made with fiberglass combing boards but I've never seen this. Where there any with fiberglass combings at the nationals?


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