Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunny Single Handing.

 We have had a few good days of sun.  BB is pretty sun burnt so she volunteered to stay ashore with Myles and take a few photos today.  Enjoy these shot of Kraken under sail.

TY Cape Dory 150 Genoa

Typhoon Sailing

Genoa Down Sock Up. 

Ghost ship.  

Spinnaker Set

Sled Ride

Down Wind

Close up


  1. It's great to get some pics of your own boat isn't it? We had a great time at the RRYC Nationals. You should think of attending in 2016. There was a couple of guys from Michigan who came. We all had a terrific time. The folks there are so friendly and helpful!

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    2. Glad the Nationals were fun. I'm a teacher so was in the thick of the last days of school before the nationals. There not even on the radar for me at this point due to my work.


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