Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Season Ender

Last trip out

The season ender this weekend was delayed by one day.  We had planned to sail our last day of the season Saturday with some friends however the wind was blowing 20-25 knots.  With 2 little kids we thought it would be a bit much to take new sailing friends out on the lake.   All ended well though we made it out Sunday afternoon for one final round on the lake.

Photo of boom reef

 The wind was still blowing a pretty gusty 12-15 knots today so we stared with a reef in the main.  We are just out to relax.  I have on my sailrite main right now and it has reef points built in.  However I have not run the lines so I just roller reefed it in with the boom.  I really think the roller reefing is one of the most convenient features on this boat.  It is a bit of a pain to have to pull the topping lift off to turn the boom but really not that big of a deal.  Next season I'm going will splice in an extra clip to the topping lift line.  This clip will be used on the aft boom tang when turning it just to make is a bit safer.

Looking around.

Reach for it.
All in all we had a good short outing up and down the lake a few times.  At the end of the day I pulled the sails and put them below.  The super people here at Tower Marine will be pulling us some time this week and washing down the bottom.  I already can't wait for next spring.

Sunday Planning as we wait for the wind to drop off some.

Packing it up for winter

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