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The search for our next boat has come to a conclusion.

This weekend I finalized the transaction on our new boat a Mirage 24! This boat is a Canadia Sailboat Hall of Fame boat, designed by Cuthbertson & Cassian ( C&C yachts ).  This is the boat I went to look at back in January when it was 14 degrees out and blizzarding.  It was snowing so hard we actually stayed at a hotel instead of coming home that night.  These boats are built with amazing quality and care.  While not as weighty as the Cape Dory"s neither of the Mirages I looked at were decaying from core rot that seems to plaque so many other boats of the time period.   This particular Mirage is the Tall Rig version. Which set it ahead of the other Mirage I looked at off the bat.  The Tall rig has a slightly taller mast equating to a bit more speed.  Not that we are planning on racing but some times a bit more speed can help us cruisers  get to our destinations a little sooner and can help us duck incoming poor weather.  Overall the boat is in good condition, structu