Thursday, January 24, 2019

Mackinaw City

Waking up early to look at boats. Mackinaw City is four and a half hours from my house.   

6 AM roll time.

January heading up north for most means Snowmobiles or skiing. I feel a bit out of place wearing my deck shoes and getting ready to walk on a boat. 

The marina storage has a giant windmill.

Keel smile, that's not a good sign on this model boat.

Boat out the water for several years and a bilge full of water and rusty keel bolts. I think we have found the cause of the keel smile.

Sure the outboard can be pulled up, that's why you modified the rudder.

Well with the soft deck and other issues this boat turned out being a bust.  At least lunch at Audie's was great.

Also, fit in a trip to Big Mac before heading home.

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