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Calling it.

Some days you have to just call it.  Today is one of those days.  We left our breezy little harbor for Lake Michigan to find this, the whole of Lake Michigan sheltered by the dunes on shore.  Grr east winds. The lake was glass flat except for the power boat waves. After an hour of drifting and bobbing we had to call for the iron genny to get us home.

Out and About

Yesterday we were out and about. We met up with some friends at the beach then sailed back.
We ran down with the spinnaker.
Then after a few hours of beach fun we tacked back up the lake. Here is the funny guy I sail with crushing the MT Baldy Radar tower on the horizon.
Where are we?

Game rained out.

Captains log as we neared boat the sky opened up.  Currently taking cover in cabin... Perhaps we will stay at the dock today.

Progression of a tack

BB was on the dock the other day as a friend and I came across the lake.  She got some nice pictures of Kraken coming up tacking and heading back out. 

Striking some colors

We made it out for a nice sail today. Check out the new flag set up on the backstay!

Rigging Shake Down

The day after launch I got down before the rain rolled in. After about an hour I had Kraken's mast tuned in and everything rigged up.

As I rigged up the boat I was watching the radar. Once everything was ready I checked the radar again.  Looks like I have time for a quick shake down.

The new running rigging is color coded. I know there are lots of opinions on how this should be done. I decided to go with white and red for all the jib controls and sheets.  Blue and white line runs everything for the mainsail including the topping lift. I think this should help out as Myles learns more about sailing this summer. The spinnaker gear is all still pretty new but matching as well but I don't think will be teaching the kid about that yet.

I made it back to the dock in time to put everything away before the rain.  Love that radar app.

Before I left the marina office 10 minutes started raining. Hopefully Memorial Day Weekend will be nicer.

Launch After Lunch

It has been a few years since we've done a trailer launch but this year we decided with the how late it is into the season to go for it.  No need to wait on the marina's schedule to get in the water.  With all the rain and snow melt the water this year is super high. One would think this a good thing but it changes the slope of the ramp. Which means we had to back the car up a little more than normal. Things got a little damp inside the CRV this weekend.
Our process for launch goes as such. First, we step the mast. This begins with setting up at the ramp site. I try to pick a day where the ramp will not be super busy as set up takes some time. 
We begin by untangling all the stays and halyards, then getting the uppers and backstay clipped into place.  
Then set up the tow-up rope to pull the mast up.  I do this using an old line and the jib halyard.
I begin to move the mast back into position. Meanwhile keeping everything from catching, getting twisted up or snagging on the c…

Spring Prep

It has been a cold wet spring here and it is taking me a bit of time to get good weather windows for varnishing.  This year, with the boat next to my garage, I'm taking full advantage of the electricity and detail sander in my preparation phase. I've taken it back several layers and cleaned up some of the imperfections in the teak that have been gathering over time. 
Scuff Scuff
Tiller too.
Then the day comes when I could varnish. The trick is getting enough days in a row. The Epifanes takes 24 hours to dry before you can recoat. After 72 hours you have to scuff everything again so timing the weather is tricky. Last week the weatherman gave me a favorable window and it held. 

These were the easy ones to do in the garage. 
All set for the season. 

I also changed out the internal halyards and the sheet lines this spring.

I brought out my darning needles and spliced away.  The 3rd Splice came out the best. Clearly not perfect but I'm getting better. A few dozen more, and I&#…

Provisions and Repairs.

"Spring" is here in Michigan and it's that time of year again. That's right time to get the boat ready for launching!  I spent some time picking up a few of the provisions I needed at my favorite local marina Wolfs this afternoon. 

Then it hailed here on us.  We're supposed to get an inch of snow tonight.  Boo! 
So I moved on to doing some patchwork on my Sail Right main.  One of the batton pockets ripped out last year.  Actually, I'm not sure if it was ever sewed closed at the back.  This is the sail the previous owner sewed up and there appears to be a distinct lack of stitching. I used this sail all last season but lost the upper batten somewhere along the way. A few zips with the machine and it's ready to go. The hardest part is bunching the sail up under the machine's armature. 
I also patched up my foredeck stuff bag. Now this one I know was my fault I was at the dock holding on to the halyard for balance when I ripped the bag at the shackle po…

New year New Color.

I have to say I'm loving the new registration tag colors this year.  They go really well with my boat's colors.

Out For Some Hard Water Sailing This Weekend.

The weather conditions and schedules finally lined up this weekend for some sailing. My brother and I met up on Rose Lake with my DN and my Dad's Skimmer. From there we spent about six hours out on the lake.  Ice boating is some serious fun for those of you have never tried it.  It takes sailing to a new level.  While conditions were not perfect we were still skimming along dodging drifts at around 35-40 mph.  Speed sailing.  Keep in mind my boats are just cruisers the racers go faster. Here are some videos and pictures of the day.
Go for a DN Ride.

Go for a skimmer ride.

Back to the DN

DN video edited for fun.