Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bottom Side Blues

It is crunch time this week.  After work this week I got on my grubby cloths and headed for the boat yard.  Monday I got the top sided rubbed out and a first coat of wax on before it started to rain.  My next chance to return to the boat yard was Thursday.  I was able to wax the hull and added two more layers of wax to the cabin top.  It's super shiny now.  

We had company come in Friday night so I woke up early early Saturday and snuck out.  Saturday morning I painted the bottom, it took me 2 hours from leaving my house to returning.  It was like I was never gone as far as the company was concerned.   Out and back before anyone had breakfast.  

I use Pettit Ultima eco. This is a copper free paint, so it's not as bad for the amphibians and wild life and does a nice job.  I also really like the bright blue color.  The gallon is a bit pricey but I will get 3-4 years out of a gallon. It took about a quart this year to do the whole bottom.  

Cutting in the rudder with a foam brush and laytex gloves.

Here is a stern view all trimmed and ready to roll.

Painted up 

Rear view painted up.

I need to mount the motor tomorrow, but other than that she is ready to launch this week!

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