Off Sailing in February

DN 241  Kraken ICE!

There has been a break here in the sewing action on the Genoa for some sailing.  Yes the ice the weather, the work schedule all fell into place here for the perfect sailing weekend. Wow and did we sail about 6 hours out on the ice between Saturday and Sunday.  My brother and I zipped up and down the lake and 40+MPH trading boats back and forth from time to time. If you have never ice boated before it is a wholly different experience than soft water sailing.  First off you're going fast, you defiantly don't want to flip so your a little more likely to ease off the sheet line sooner, and the ride can be a bit more chattery although, the ice today was in very good condition.  That said I'm a bit sore after two days of sailing.  We sailed two different kinds of boats this weekend, my DN  and my Dad's Skimmer.  The DN is clearly the dominate speed boat in this pair off but the Skimmer has a much more cushioned ride which was nice after ridding the DN for a while.  If you want to know more about the boats or the other kinds of boats check out these sites: the Toledo Ice Yacht Club  or the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club

Here are some photos from the weekend.
Adam and the Skimmer set up.

Adam and his little off for a cruise

So sometimes you know someone up there is looking out for you.  We were wrapping it up Saturday night when I noticed the forward runner pin sticking out.  I bumped it back in and sailed back to the ramp gingerly.  We took the boats off the ice for the night. We ended up going to a big box hardware store get a replacement nut.  Luckily it didn't fall out while we were under sail.
Missing runner nut. 
 Sunday morning we got back down as the wind began to build in and put the forward runner back on.  I took a few minutes to go around and tighten up all the other bolts and do a little safety check.
Day 2 safety check.

Both boats on the ice.

 Here is a quick little video from my brother while we sail side by side.  Well, until I put down my camera and sheeted in the sail. 

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