Snow Finally and a Little Disco Dune Sledding

Today we got our first real snow of the winter.  We have had a few splatters here and there but today we got slammed; schools closed businesses closing early.

I got down to the marina and took a few pictures this afternoon once the roads were starting to clear up.  Truth told it was still pretty ugly out there.  The express way must be closed because a ton of truck traffic was coming through town.  Regardless the effort was worth it. Kraken is holding up well under her cover and the supports under the tarp are holding up well.   I peeked my phone in for a few quick photos.  Nice and dry!

We also got out and hit the dunes for a little sledding.  Myles helped me edit a video so we added it in here at the bottom just for some fun.  Wow is it windy down by the lake.

Small Light House at the Marina

Frosty Boat Yard
Frosty blanket

Cold but Dry Inside

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