Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cape Dory Typhoon Genoa part 2

I've been chugging away on the Genoa project bit by bit here.  So I'm throwing up some more photos of the project.

Corner reinforcement patches. Equal lots of layers.

I use my basting tape sparingly, placing it so it is some what off center.  This way I will not have to sew through it.  I figure 4 or five layers of tape could really add up and I don't need any more layers to sew through.  Each corner's vertex is six layers of Dacron thick. 

Once I got all the layers on, I drew some light lines on the top patch so I could see where to sew.  This will secure the whole patch.

The clew is one of the most complicated assembly's.  To start, I cut and melt the nylon strapping to the right size.

The clew will have a steel ring embedded into the corner.  The first step is to cut out a space for the ring.  I recommend sharp scissors.  See earlier (6 layers). It actually cuts pretty easily.

The next thing I do is lay out my straps and bast them into place along the foot and leach of the sail.

Next I sew them on along the edges.

Then I place the ring in and bast and sew the rest of it down.

These straps are covered by the last layer of the patch. 

The edge straps will be covered by the final taped edge as well as a leather wrap.

The leach finished edge is a 1.5 inch creased piece of Dacron cloth.  It is a three part process to attach it.  First basting tape, then sew it to the edge and finally go back down and sew down the inner edges.  Oh yeah and don't sew on the leach line that you have embedded between the layers.  

One run is equal to one bobbin so after the first run I let the sewing machine cool down before reloading and running down the edge again.

I hand sewed on the gransegel cleat for the leach line. 

Genoa part 3.  Coming soon.

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