Sunday, September 13, 2015

Out for a little cruise

Today I got away for a little cruise around the lake.  Around and around I went with my freshly patched up Genoa. It was a great day.  My Genoa is getting pretty old and the luff needed some taping up at a few wear spots. This was my first chance to sail with the fix.  For my oldest sail it still pulls well. 

Our little marina is becoming quite the place. This season we have had a pair of helicopters flying in and out on a fairly regular basis.  Defiantly adds flare to the place.  One came in right after I got back to the dock today.


  1. Hi Chris, did you mean to mark your videos as private?

    1. Jason I switched them to public. You should be able to see them now thanks for the heads up. I think my default upload is private I'll have to watch that.

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  3. Yup its working Chris. That is a beautiful lake Chris!