Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mast Dropsy

  Friday the Kraken was pulled for the season.  Tower Marine did a great job spraying off the bottom and acid washing the calcium deposits off the water line.  This winter season, I'll be storing with Tower again. They have placed me in a nice little spot in back this year. Between an abandoned Catalina 30 and "Lilly Pad" a floating home. Saturday I striped down the sails and BB helped me lower the mast.  I started to tarp it off but have a bit to do still before I finally close her up for the season.

Sails off.

Remove lower shrouds and loosen the uppers and back stay .

I pull the pin move to the back of the boat and First mate BB lowers it right into my hands easy as can be.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Out for a little cruise

Today I got away for a little cruise around the lake.  Around and around I went with my freshly patched up Genoa. It was a great day.  My Genoa is getting pretty old and the luff needed some taping up at a few wear spots. This was my first chance to sail with the fix.  For my oldest sail it still pulls well. 

Our little marina is becoming quite the place. This season we have had a pair of helicopters flying in and out on a fairly regular basis.  Defiantly adds flare to the place.  One came in right after I got back to the dock today.

Packing it up for winter

Sailing has been non-existent this September. With school back in session, I have time for very little else. The weekend weather has also b...