Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boom tent, pond yachts and sunset wings.

It's been a while since my last post and it was a week one with no pictures.  So here is a mildly better one.   

Boom tent update:  I worked on this a little this week. I took it down to do some fitting so I could size up the edges and get the tie down straps into place.  Things did not go super well.  Then I dropped one of the tent poles into the lake.  Grr...   This project is looking like it will move to the back burner until I get the boat out of the water in the fall. Some things are just better to wait on than push through. 

This is an interior view it is quite spacious.  However I need to work on ventilation it is super muggy and hot inside.  There would be little hope of spending the entire night in here with the Stagnet air. 

We worked on the the pond yacht.  Well I worked on it.  The kid played with my brace and drilled several holes in the scrap lumber.

I found our flag!   We have been looking for this all season and I pulled the sail cover off the jib this evening and Tada.   

One of the great things about where I keep my Typhoon and it being in the water it is no big deal to head down pull up the sails and take off at 8:30 at night.  This evening I went down jumped on board and was on the lake for this great sunset and a bit of wing on wing sailing.  Wrapped up and home by 10 pm.  Just a quick little breather.