Saturday, April 25, 2015

Teak cleaning, rake and interior

So it snowed here again Wednesday.  Nothing stuck and hopefully it will be the last time for the year.  The orchards in the area are looking like they are getting ready to bloom soon and a hard frost canbe devastating in this area for the farmers.   

Regardless, it is still cold here this Saturday morning and the boat yard was pretty quiet until afternoon.  I ran into one guy who came over from Chicago to work on his boat.  Our marina has a lot of boat owners from out of state due to the high cost of keeping a boat in the city.  He said he is hoping tomorrow it will get warm enough for him to do his bottom paint.  If the forecast is right he just might get lucky before he has to head back to the city. 

 The cold weather isn't going to interfere with any of my plans for the day. I started by cleaning the teak in preparation for varnishing.  This time I used Meguiare's teak cleaner.  It came with a pour out bottle top but I switched it out with a sprayer top.  This made cleaning the teak toe rails a snap.   Spritz on rub with a soft scrub brush and rinse off.  It doesn't get easier than that.   Then I gave the deck a light scrub down it was getting grimy from the boat yard dirt.  I'll have clean it down and buff out the cabin top after I've finished trouncing boat yard dirt up and down the decks.

I played with my rig a little bit and put some rake into my mast for this season.  Last year I had a new fore stay made and I'm still tuning the rig a bit.  

I finished the day out by wiping out the interior and then reloading the boat with all the cushions and most of the gear.


  1. You and I both need to trim out our portholes somehow. I notice in the cuddy view yours look like mine without a final edging of some sort. I really don't want to do wood however, I think it ought to be metal, like some sort of inset with a flange so we could either screw it in place or glue it in place. Wonder where to find such a thing?

  2. Yeah that would be great. However sometimes I day dream about sawing out the interior liner and re doing the whole interior in ash strips. They are talking about it over on the cd forums tonight.


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