Saturday, April 25, 2015

Teak cleaning, rake and interior

So it snowed here again Wednesday.  Nothing stuck and hopefully it will be the last time for the year.  The orchards in the area are looking like they are getting ready to bloom soon and a hard frost canbe devastating in this area for the farmers.   

Regardless, it is still cold here this Saturday morning and the boat yard was pretty quiet until afternoon.  I ran into one guy who came over from Chicago to work on his boat.  Our marina has a lot of boat owners from out of state due to the high cost of keeping a boat in the city.  He said he is hoping tomorrow it will get warm enough for him to do his bottom paint.  If the forecast is right he just might get lucky before he has to head back to the city. 

 The cold weather isn't going to interfere with any of my plans for the day. I started by cleaning the teak in preparation for varnishing.  This time I used Meguiare's teak cleaner.  It came with a pour out bottle top but I switched it out with a sprayer top.  This made cleaning the teak toe rails a snap.   Spritz on rub with a soft scrub brush and rinse off.  It doesn't get easier than that.   Then I gave the deck a light scrub down it was getting grimy from the boat yard dirt.  I'll have clean it down and buff out the cabin top after I've finished trouncing boat yard dirt up and down the decks.

I played with my rig a little bit and put some rake into my mast for this season.  Last year I had a new fore stay made and I'm still tuning the rig a bit.  

I finished the day out by wiping out the interior and then reloading the boat with all the cushions and most of the gear.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vanish Maintenance.

So this Saturday I started some varnish maintance.  It has been three years since I've done anything to the toe rails. I think, at most, I put two coats of varnish on them to begin with. So, it is no surprise they have started to break down.  The drop boards, and combing boards look great.  Plenty of maintance coats on those pieces so I won't mess with them.  Looking around online I read the best way to pull the old varnish up is to use a heat gun.  It worked great the varnish scraped right off with minimal damage to the teak underneath.  I'll go over it with some teak cleaner and try to get some varnish back on them before launch the launch date.  

Today, Wednesday it is snowing.  Have to laugh sunburn and frost bite in the same week.  Hope it warms back up before the weekend.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Over Coming Seasonal Set Backs

So last weekend I headed down to put a coat of bottom paint on Kraken.  I knew I did not have enough paint to finish the job and figured I'd stop for lunch and pick up a quart on the way back.  After searching West Marine's shelves and finding nothing, I got some help and found out the nearest quart was in Washington.  They would have to order it in for me.  Kraken sat for the week with three quarters of the bottom painted. It looked kinda silly.

This weekend, I am on a winning streak,  just like the Detroit Tigers.  I picked up the paint this morning and even made it into Randy's West Shore Boat Repairs.  Randy's shop is tucked away I the back side of Douglas. It is a friendly place.  It also happens to be one of the only places I know that carries the spark plug I need for my Mercury 2.5hp in stock.  I've also dealt with him a few other times when rebuilding my British Sea Gull.  An over all great place to get weird parts and pieces.  I found out today they also work on tractors in the off season.  We had a great chat about a tractor baseball.  Yeah you read that right tractor baseball.  My uncle plays antique tractor baseball and I was telling them about it.

Back to Tower Marine I found the boat yard was a-buzz with activity.  The owner of the boat next to me and his dad were busily removing the prop and cutlass bearing from his Pearson 30.  I had to do a double take on that one because they had already removed the rudder.  Pearsons have a very distinctive rudder design that swoops forward. Electric cords were spread across the ground and ladders where clanking around the yard.  Power buffers buzzed on and off.

I got right to work.  The water in the yard had been turned on so I started by washing the grunge and grime off the hull.  Then went to work cleaning and waxing.  The boat came out pretty well I had a tough time getting all the grime off the boot stripe this year so I'll have to work on that more later.  Next I finished up the bottom paint and touched up the areas that got messed up when I washed the upper portion of the hull.    


I finished of the day by installing he new interior compass mount.  I picked this up at Wolf Marine's swap meet last fall.  This new compass will probably spend most of its time down in the cabin protected from the suns rays the old compass will be on a shelf at the house just in case I drop this new one over board.  I still can't believe my luck finding this exact compass and bracket. This may actually be the start of a future navigation station now that I think about it.

Other tasks today included installing the new chaffing guards on the side stays.  

Spring is here and I'm so ready to get on the water. 

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