Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pushing Old Man Winter off the Deck

  We have gone this week from single didget temps to mid 40's.   It feels like t-shirt weather to us.  So with this break in the cold we have started to push back against old man winter.  Breaking up the ice on the drive way. There is cement down there ... Hu who knew.     I also took the time to go down and give Kraken the same treatment.  Shoveling off the deck and clearing out the cockpit scuppers.  I figure anything that gives Mother Nature a hand in melting down this snow I'm up for.

Start of the day. 

 Deck cleared but some work to do in the cockpit.  It's not as bad as it looks.  The tarp kept most he snow out. There was just some overflow from the back deck.

See there's the build plaque.

Fore deck cleared.

Scuppers ice free for draining as the remainder of the snow melts off.

Interior is nice and dry.

Relaxing under the tent. 

I suspect one or two more days in the 40's the rest of the snow will be melted off and I can start a few projects. 


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