Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Slushy Time

One week of warmish weather makes a big difference in the boat yard. By warmish I mean in the upper 40's. This Saturday there were several people out and about. I saw ladders and heard people mushing around in the snow. Keep in mind, there is still 18+ inches of snow on the ground. Tip: don't step in your foot prints from last week. They are all full of ice cold water.  Electric cords run across the parking lot. Pry not the best idea given the wetness of the ground.  Those people who made it down the the marina last weekend have clear decks to work on.

Tower Marine Panorama from the deck of Kraken
It is still a bit cold to do much and with the clouds it seemed a bit colder today of course that could have been my wet feet. (See tip above)  I didn't stay to long but managed to get the chaffing guards off the side stays. They were pretty brittle and the cold weather helped make them even more so. With minimal effort, they just chipped right off.  I have replacements hanging in my garage at home, but I think I'll wait for a warmer day to put them on. The deck of the boat, while snow free, is pretty grimy. Not much to do at this point but wait for the ground to melt down a bit more so I can start cleaning and buffing the hull. Time to get going on the to do list before launch. Spring is coming.

Snow free deck to work on.

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