Saturday, March 28, 2015

Boom tenting

Well I packed up and headed for the marina this afternoon.  I spent the morning running around town gathering cleaners and buffing pads.  When I left it was 19 degrees.  By lunch time the temperature had broke freezing we are at about 34. Figured I'd get a jump on cleaning the hull.  After getting to the marina and untarping the boat, I went to get water.  The marina understandably has not turned it on yet but I was hoping.  So plan B work on the boom tent.  

I started by sizing the tent poles and clipping them to size.
Then I spread the canvas over the boom just to get a look at things.  The final plan the canvas will be below the boom and it will be a free standing structure.

Here is a view from the inside.  After a few minutes it started to get warm inside.  Which confirms my suspicions.  This tent will need some screening for ventilation especially once summer arrives. 

I even got a chance to test out the water proofing.  The canvas beads up really nicely. Back to the sewing machine soon.

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  1. Just got back to see this post. That's an idea for sure. And because you're doing all the work, it is certainly economical. I don't have your skills at all! Hope your weather turns soon. Today our temps will surge into the high 70s consistently. But we never look for certain seasonal change in SC until after Easter Sunday! First things first!


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