Saturday, March 28, 2015

Boom tenting

Well I packed up and headed for the marina this afternoon.  I spent the morning running around town gathering cleaners and buffing pads.  When I left it was 19 degrees.  By lunch time the temperature had broke freezing we are at about 34. Figured I'd get a jump on cleaning the hull.  After getting to the marina and untarping the boat, I went to get water.  The marina understandably has not turned it on yet but I was hoping.  So plan B work on the boom tent.  

I started by sizing the tent poles and clipping them to size.
Then I spread the canvas over the boom just to get a look at things.  The final plan the canvas will be below the boom and it will be a free standing structure.

Here is a view from the inside.  After a few minutes it started to get warm inside.  Which confirms my suspicions.  This tent will need some screening for ventilation especially once summer arrives. 

I even got a chance to test out the water proofing.  The canvas beads up really nicely. Back to the sewing machine soon.