Monday, October 27, 2014

Closing up 2014

This year I've decided to go with a simple v tent over the cockpit for the winter.  I've gone with a rather steep angle on the tarp to shed off the snow fall. The hope here is I will have better access to the cabin and cockpit this winter to do some work on the boat while it is out.  The rub rails need to be sanded down and refinished this spring so I don't see any harm in leaving them exposed this winter.  


  1. Last season you had the Typhoon at your house I thought. So this year you're keeping it on the hard at a yard by the lake? Are you just going to visit it regularly to make sure the snow doesn't build up on or in her? I'd be particularly concerned about water seeping in and freezing inside joints. Not sure how you all deal with that up north?

    1. My house is 10 minutes from the marina so I'll just go check on it. Figured now that we sold our towing vehical for something more fuel efficient I was only Saving 50 bucks by renting a truck and bringing it home.


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