Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kraken on a Stick

So I never did get the kite cam down to the boat this season.  However I dug out my old helmet cam from the basement and wire tied it to the end of my boat hook for our last trip out this season.  Here are some of the  videos.  The helmet cam is not HD so everything looks like and old 70's era video very fitting for a 78 Typhoon.  In a few videos we poke around the boat.  However the neatest ones to watch are the ones where we threw the pole down below.  You get a sense just how fun it is to sail a Typhoon as you watch us tacking, jibing and recovering the spinnaker.  Lots of fun here today.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Swap meet season

The weather here in Michigan has started to turn cold.  This week we have seen our first nights dropping down into the 40's. Many have started pulling their boats and docks for the season.  We are still sailing.

 This weekend, however, we took a break to visit Wolf's Marine in Benton Harbor.  They held a swap meet over the weekend.  I've gone to this event before and have never been disappointed.  Last time, I walked out with a nice forespar spinnaker pole for cheap.  

This time I took my brother and dad down we all found good deals on parts for our boats.  After sifting through the swap market we headed across the street to Wolf's main store front where they where having a big sale in conjunction with the swap meet.  We even got to visit their other warehouse full of boat seats, motors, trims and other odd marine industry over runs. 

So on to the goodies.

One Aqua Meter Marine Insturment compass, complete with mounting hardware, and instructions!  I might be wrong about this but I believe these came as an option or standard on Cape Dory Typhoons.  My uncle's had this compass and so does mine, so I'm assuming quite a few Typhoons have these.  I'll switch out the old one with a shiny new one and save the old one for a rainy day.  The hardware is going to come in handy.  I'll put the second mounting bracket inside the boat so when not in use this shinny new compass will stay out of the rays of the sun.

Other goodies include a few new ring pins and shroud sleeves.  My chafing sleeves are falling apart pretty quickly here. 


I also found a new rain coat on super clearance; totally a great trip!   Now just a bit more than a month until the Ice Boat swap meet.  I'm feeling lucky this swap meet season bring on the cold weather! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quack Quack

We finally did it we got out for a ride on the Duck Boat in Saugatuck.  This has been on our bucket list for a while.  We have seen the Duck boat many times.  Sometimes we are pretty sure we are part of the tour other times we are more than sure we are part of the tour.  I'm sure the jokes are different each time.  It was a cheery fun trip out and around the bay and ride through the town.   Anyway I know it's not sailing but this thing is just cool.  If you get a chance to go on one don't miss it. 

Video in....  SpLaSh!

Video Out....  ThUnK.

With out us out on the lake this was the loan sailboat.  A Kayak sailor  not nearly as nice looking are our Typhoon.  Well hope this nice weather holds we are heading out sailing tomorrow. 

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