Saturday, June 28, 2014

Magic fire making stuff.

So we sailed yesterday.  It was a good start as we zipped around lake Kalamazoo.  Myles fished of the stern and I managed the sailing.  

We where having a great day then the wind dropped off.  After 20 minutes or so of drifting between wind shadows I decided it was time to give it up and head back in for some cool refreshments.  While we where puttering up the channel my dependable little 4 hp Merc cut out.  I was able to get the motor to restart and a 100 yards later it puttered out again.  I pulled the cover off this time gave it a look and checked to make sure the spark plug wire had not fallen off.  Then I looked at the tank.  The transparent tank appeared empty of green fuel.  I popped the cap off the tank and peered down in. There was just a dribble of fluid in the tank. As the boat went up and down on the waves I could see it slosh back and forth leaving the white plastic bottom of the tank clearly visible.  Placing the cap back on I choked the motor no fire this time.  Turns out you can scull a  Typhoon with out too much effort. After a few minutes of sculling I considered pulling up the main and sailing back in.  It's been a few years since I've sailed up to the dock and was getting a bit excited, although alone with was a 5 year old was probably not the time to be trying this.  I decided to give the motor another try. It fired back up and ran just long enough to get back to the dock.  We were seriously lucky today.