Thursday, June 5, 2014


So last weekend we headed to the beach to try out the my new camera and play in the sand.  The water temperatures here are still very cold.  There were a few kids playing along the shoreline but none of them were venturing in past their knees.  With our long cold winter the lakes are taking a bit longer to warm up than normal. 

  So I picked up this mini camera on Ebay with the thoughts of using it as a kite cam.  It is super small and very light.  Also it was inexpensive at $13 so if it crashes into the ground or lake I'm not out much.   I rigged it to a para-foil.  This first attempt resulted in unusable video.   Next time I'm going to try to rig it to a delta or a box kite and see if I can get a more stable video.  I was able to take a few pictures on the beach not to bad for a 2 mega pixel cam the size of a quarter. 

Sorry Ruth


  1. During the Nationals at the RRYC, I had my GoPro but did not have the presence of mind to stick it on the transom to take footage of the parts of the many races. Would have been instructive to have had it during some of the rounding procedures! Imagine several Dories rounding a tetrahedral together. Like elephants doing ballet!

    1. That really does sound cool. Did any of he dories have a traveler? I've been considering adding one. Even been picking up parts here and there but I'm just not sure it is worth adding a layer of complexity to this boat. Starting to think just keep it simple.