Second outing, first sail!

So Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  The weather here in Michigan could not be better.  The last two days we have had crystal clear skies and temps in the upper 70's. Time to hit the lake.

 Over the past week more navigational markers have shown up in the lake and things are looking great. The channels are marked very well this year.  We set of from our dock and had a great time zig zagging around.   We were out and about for about 2 hours today and saw many of the great sites here on Lake Kalamazoo.  The river paddle boat came through the lake, we even saw the duck boat today.   The Anex patio was open although no live music was coming from there just yet, it was early in the day.

 Myles was super today he pulled up the jib halyard.


Under way.

Oh no we are out of snacks!  Time to head home. 


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