Thursday, May 8, 2014

Loading up and Rolling out.

Myles and his wagon were a big help this Friday as we loaded all the gear into the boat.  After several trips around the backyard we got all the equipment, sails, and cushions aboard.  

This winter we sold our station wagon for a more fuel efficient vehicle.  The wagon was a great car for pulling the Typhoon but the mpg was killing us.  Saturday morning we rented a truck from U-haul to pull the boat back to the marina.  After millage it came out to 52 bucks for the day.  Not bad, we easily make the rental cost up in fuel savings in just one week of driving back and forth to work. 

After mounting up the engine, filling the tires with air and checking the tie downs we were off.

Once down at the marina we popped the mast up and the boat was ready for launch.  We haven't had to many warm dry days so I did not get a coat of varnish on the teak.  I'd hoped varnish before launching but that does not look like it will be the happening, because splash time is here.  2014 Season Launch!