Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Throw back Thursday has been coming up all over the place and my younger cousin found these old pictures of my Uncle's Cape Dory Typhoon.  This particular day was a great family adventure.  His boat was on a wood cradle on top of a old farm trailer.  I remember the tires on the trailer were thread bare and bald and it was a fairly tall trailer for hauling a boat..  On this day, my Uncle decided to ramp-launch his Typhoon using my Grandfather's farm truck.  Check out the progression of things here.  Oh yeah, and that's me in photo 4 on the left with the Top Gun aviator frames oh yeah the 80's

Backing up

Align and re-hook/put the drop pin back in.
Back up.

Back in some more.  Maybe Sterling State park needed steeper ramps?

End result? A launched boat and clean truck. I remember when my Dad opened the door after pulling out, the water rushed out of the truck. Also, my grandfather was not to thrilled to have his floor boards cleaned with the waters of Lake Erie. 

 After sailing all the other boats I've owned I never thought I'd own a Typhoon.  It turns out the Typhoon is just a great boat and a perfect fit for me with plenty of family history to build upon.  

List to Complete for Spring Launch 2014:   <----  It's Shrinking

Wax Hull
Wax Cabin Top
Fix gel coat nick
Paint bottom
Wipe out inside
Mount and prep outboard
Grease winches
Grease Sea Cocks
Check trailer tire air pressure
Grease trailer wheel bearings
Load cushions and safety gear
Go Get Wet