Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some bad video

It's winter not much going on here on a Sunday night.  I was looking through some of my old videos.  Not good ones but hey they are of the Typhoon so here is something for the blog.

Typhoon at sea level. 

Really bad videos: Get ready to get sea sick from the shaking camera.   Got your Dramamine,  sea bands and ginger cookies go ahead push play.


  1. Chris, first time I've seen your bow plate finished like that! How did you clean it in place? Ketchup or Vinegar? I was just thinking the other day about soaking a towel in vinegar and wrapping the plate, letting it do its job for a few hours then using the Permalac spray on it. How'd you do yours?

  2. @William McCoy. I did it in place back when I redid all the rest of the bronze. Cleats and all look about like that. I did it with 300 grit sand paper, my dremal tool 3M pad attatchments and sanding disks. It is no small under taking to get that shine. The original casting has a lot of texture you have to sand out. I did it in place then permalaced it. I think I did try ketchup but with the casting texture it really comes down to some serious elbow grease.