Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cape Dory Typhoon Masthead spinnaker fitting

Masthead Spinnaker Fitting on "Kraken".  Cape Dory Typhoon. 

Cape Dory Typhoon Spinnaker Fitting.

Cape Dory Typhoon

Cape Dory Typhoon Spinnaker Set up.


  1. Looks awesome! My winds of late have been too ferocious to even think about such a spinnaker! We had sustained 15kts with gusts to 23/25 last week. I sailed about 6 miles with a full genoa out, then on the return, I hoisted my old original jib. She sailed with less stress on the return! Beautiful work on your spinnaker!

  2. PS: Chris, where did you find your bronze port holes?

  3. I Cheated on the port holes. I used this.

    rustoleum metallics

    I figured for the cost of real bronze port holes I can buy a few hundred cans of this and it looks really good. Much better than the chromed plastic that is under the paint.

  4. Fantastic, I want to do it. Could you give me the directions of how and what size block you used at the masthead? Also how did you attach the tackline to the bow?
    Farmer Wayne

    1. I posted a few pictures for you on the CD message board. I riveted it to the mast. I don't know what size the Harken block is I know it is not a small one.

      I attach one of the sail tacks to the swivel forward of the fore stay.

      The other tack has both sheet lines. The sheet lines go all the way forward of everything. Then run to blocks at the stern of the boat. I run it like a giant Genoa. Except that you have to jibe. No tacking... that makes a huge mess of stuff. Keep in mind I only fly this sail in the lightest of lightest winds.

      Timing the Jibe can be tricky as you have to fall off and let the sheet out at the same time Then you have to come around quickly and pull in the opposite sheet. I find many times I end up with a sheet line under the boat. So be sure you have time to untangle stuff before you need to jibe again.

  5. Thanks Chris, I am going to give it a try!
    Farmer Wayne


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