Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trip 3 Still Wet at the dock.

Trip 3 out for the season already. 

Most boats are still sitting in their cradles here in Michigan.  They are preparing and the boat yard is full of sanders, ladders, paint brushes, rollers and saws.   I have defiantly found one advantage of the smaller boat.  Less work more time on the water.   I have taken the Typhoon out 3 times already this year!  Our last big boat we took out 6 times the whole season. This boat is working great for sailing.   

This last trip out was a blast to.  The wind was stiff but shifty.  Changing 20 degrees at times as I crossed the lake.  The toe rail was buried in the lake several times as I crossed the surface of the lake.  When I got back to the dock the deck and port lights where still wet.  A sure sign you have had a good day sailing.

 I even pulled out my smart phone and tried out my Sailing Tactician App.  This app has been fun to play with.  How accurate it is I'm not really sure.  It said I my max speed was 6 knots?  Seems high.   Is 6 knots possible in a CD Typhoon?  Regardless the app is free and if you have a good smart phone one that uses satellites instead of cell towers it seems like a good toy to have for near coast sailing.  The app has a slick interface and many bells and whistles on it I'm sure I'll never use but it serves the functions of telling you about how fast you are going.  One should be aware the app pull on your phones battery pretty heavily so I would not recommend it for long term navigation but it works great for a couple hour day sail. 

Still Wet. 


  1. Chris, congrats on the aggressive sailing plan. I found a calculation site under the US Sailing site at:

    Says the Cape Dory should definitely do about 6 kts as top hull speed.

  2. Thanks William, I'm always a bit leery of Gps speeds. My boat has an on board knot meter but it has never worked for me. I should mess with it and see if I can get it going but that's not really a priority.


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