Sunday, April 14, 2013

Naming and Season Readying. 2013

Naming and Season Readying.

So we are getting more done for this seasons launch.  We did some design work on the boat name and cut-it and readied it for the boat.  Last weekend we took it down and stuck it on.  It's looking good so far. 

Computer design

Cut out.

sticker 1

Sticker 2

 After we got the name on I buffed out the hull then we broke for lunch.   I started working on the rigging.  This year I'm mounting a mast head spinnaker.  My little helper took a nap.
Siesta Time.

New mast head arrangement.
 I manage my topping lift from the boom like so.
Topping Lift Control on boom.
 The next weekend BB and stepped the mast and I finished rigging.  I even did a real quick rough sail fitting for the new jib and spinnaker in between the snow flakes.  Brr.
Kiddo on board.
Mast up
Fitting of new jib.

Mast head spinnaker fitting in the sock.

Spinnaker fitting.

Ready for the water.


  1. Good job Chris. I like keeping up with your Dory progress. I'm going to stand up a blog for mine this week. So much going on. Great winds yesterday on Lake Murray (South Carolina), 12 kts gust to 18kts. Today same. Have some GoPro and a few stills. yay

    1. Drop me your url when you get it set up so I can follow your dory also.