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Cape Dory Typhoon 2013 1st Outing

Today after a very long, long week the boat was launched.  Just what I needed a break.  Sunday I was able to get away and rig "Kraken up".  The sails are on the motor is running good with the new impeller and tune up.  Finally something is going right this week.  The new sail fits perfectly thanks sailrite and it even fit in the sail bag all that sewing has paid off.  Hope to get out again soon and hopefully get some better video.  Maybe even try out the new mast head spinnaker.

Naming and Season Readying. 2013

Naming and Season Readying.
So we are getting more done for this seasons launch.  We did some design work on the boat name and cut-it and readied it for the boat.  Last weekend we took it down and stuck it on.  It's looking good so far. 

 After we got the name on I buffed out the hull then we broke for lunch.   I started working on the rigging.  This year I'm mounting a mast head spinnaker.  My little helper took a nap.

 I manage my topping lift from the boom like so.
 The next weekend BB and stepped the mast and I finished rigging.  I even did a real quick rough sail fitting for the new jib and spinnaker in between the snow flakes.  Brr.

Breaking the sewing machine.

Well it finally happened, our old sewing machine died.  I was sewing along making a new foredeck bag from sailrite.  When it went chunk bending the needle side ways.  I was rather surprised.   I was just about to sew on the zipper.  So I changed the needle out and went to give it a try again.  Chunk.  One layer of sunbrella and a zipper did it in.  After all the other abuses I've laid on the machine I couldn't believe it.  With some fiddling I figured out that the bobbin was not turning.  Off to the sewing machine repair shop. Turns out I had stripped a gear up in the machine head.  It was not worth repairing.  So we searched for a replacement machine.  After watching e bay, and a checking out a few other places we decided to go with  a new Singer Stylus.  It does not seem quite as heavy as the old machine but it has lots of buttons and does lots of cool stitches.  It even makes a cute beeping noise at you when you try to sew through to many layers at once.  But it should do t…