Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Projects a New Jib

Kraken gets a new working jib. 

In the pile of parts and pieces that came with my Typhoon there was a working jib Sail Rite kit.  The previous owner had purchased a few kits from Sail Rite.  He had sewn up a storm jib and and oversize mainsail.  He just hadn't gotten to this one yet.   So, this winter's adventure has been to sew my first sail.  I've done plenty of canvas work before on my previous boats and plan to do some for Kraken this summer but, this is my first sail.
Basting seams
Sewing one of the larger seams.
Ooooo  String
I could not get my sewing machine to sew the correct zig zag pattern for the sail.  Turns out I don't have that cam.  So I took the kit to my parents for new years.  My Mom has a great sewing machine and an large kitchen island.  Well that it putting it mildly it's the largest kitchen island I've ever seen anywhere.  We spread out and set to work.  There were no shortage of interested helpers.  My Dad helped feed the sail through the sewing machine for a while, my brothers, even both my grandmothers helped out for a bit.  Each coming and going taking turns to make sure I hadn't broken anything yet or run a needle through my fingers.  After several hours of sewing I had the large parts assembled and took the kit home to finish off all the corner pieces and hand stitching.  All in all the hand stitching and machine sewing take about equal amounts of time.  It turns out that the hand sewing in far more dangerous than the machine sewing.  I punched through my thimble and got my hand pretty good.  I ended up purchasing a sewing awl to finish up the last corner.  It was a minor investment and a tool I'm sure I will use again.  Now just if spring would get here.  
sea saw
Trimming the ends
Basic hand sewing tools later I added a sewing awl .
Needle through thimble. Ouch.

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