Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rigging, and bottom finish.

Rigging projects.  What is that?  No.. no electrical tape is not the same as rigging tape.  Oh boy I think we will just make a new fore stay.  

Boot Strip.

I used  what was left of the top of my existing boot strip and projected down .  Similar to this video from sailing  Magazine.  My boot strip might be a bit wider that the original but I figure it is easier to paint the blue up a little higher than trying to apply red over the anti-fouling paint later.  Hopefully every thing will lay correctly we will see once it is in the water.  

Bottom paint.

With all of the reading I've done it seems their is a push to remove copper from bottom paints.   So I decided to take the leap and go with Pettit Paints Ultima Eco, Copper Free Dual-Biocide.  According to the guys at Wolfs Marine it is a new product this year but the testing on it has been shown to have good results.  It took about half a gallon to put 3 coats on the bottom.  It looks pretty good.  Sitting in the back yard on the trailer it has started to turn a lighter blue as it has dried and water has washed down from the hull being washed.  

Mast up.

Here we go the mast goes up so easy on this thing.  I actually walked it up myself  from the back of the boat.  Their are a few things to do still but things are looking good.

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