Sunday, January 6, 2019

The games a foot....

This weekend we really started the hunt for a new boat.  Well I've been hunting a while but we took to the road to look at two boats. Neither ended up being the one but oh the cool treasures you find along the way....See photos below and sarcasm.

Sea cocks you can remove by hand. I mean remove from the hull.

Storage plans for not the boat you are on.

A Loran, so we will never get lost.

I think I can relaminate that tiller, Its probably fine.

Climb under the shrink wrap the tiller is delaminated the decks probably fine right.

Mythical Creatures

Count the plugs, yeah that is the Atomic 2. Good luck finding parts for a tune up, hope nothing major goes.

This compass works well with the Loran.

More boats to look at soon.


  1. That boat is fugly! Surely he didn't want anything but for you to drag it away free?

    1. These are photos from two different boats. There is a lot of junk out there.


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