Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Out For Some Hard Water Sailing This Weekend.

The weather conditions and schedules finally lined up this weekend for some sailing. My brother and I met up on Rose Lake with my DN and my Dad's Skimmer. From there we spent about six hours out on the lake.  Ice boating is some serious fun for those of you have never tried it.  It takes sailing to a new level.  While conditions were not perfect we were still skimming along dodging drifts at around 35-40 mph.  Speed sailing.  Keep in mind my boats are just cruisers the racers go faster. Here are some videos and pictures of the day.

Go for a DN Ride.

Go for a skimmer ride.

Back to the DN

In the zone.

The old DN still slides

Dress warm because it is cold in the 20's today not including wind chills and there will be wind.

View from the sidecar.  Hang on tight.  Just before my brother Jibed and tried to throw me out.

Bro and my niece of for a scoot around the lake

My DN set up with my brother's sidecar for ride alongs.

Always wear your helmet.  
Off for a ride.  

My Uncle out on the skimmer. 
DN video edited for fun. 

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