Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oval Beach Invasion

Today we set off for some big lake adventures on Lake Michigan.  With waves around 1ft we made good time sailing south to Oval Beach.  Oval is a huge destination beach and we usually go by car, logistically it is easier but nowhere near as fun.  

Lunch Time

Oval Beach Land Ho

As we close in on the beach I like to anchor near one of the swim area markers.  This performs two tasks; first, it shortens the swim to the beach.  Second, and more importantly, is it gives me an easy frame of reference to see if my anchor is dragging.  After all, I'm anchoring on a sand bar and it would be nice to know if the boat is moving before it gets too close to shore. 

Finding an anchorage site.  

The picture here doesn't really do it justice, we were quite close.   Close enough to chat with a couple who came out and asked what kind of boat we were on and have a whole conversation about the water temperature and depth while they stood on the other side of the maker post. 

From shore I can easily tell if the anchor is dragging.
Next the belly boarder hits the waves.

Then there was some digging for treasure.

And more belly boarding

Sailing home the wind had come up a bit more and this guy was a little chilly. 

In the distance the Mt. Bald Head Radar Tower dominates the sky line.

We even saw the Star of Saugutuck out on the big lake today churning south. 

Then the Star passed us in the channel on the way back to the marina.  

Once back in Lake Kalamazoo we popped the sails up once more and made a few more passes in front of Tower Marine before coming into dock.  Overall it was a great day to be out on the lake. 

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