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Just Stringing You Along From Stringers to Strings.

I haven't posted in a while and a few people have been wondering what is up. This summer Myles and I have been fishing a bit and he has been using his Mom's sit on top Kayak.  I decided it was time to go ahead and build him one of his own after all he is starting to get too big to sit and just ride along.  First I looked at Yostwerks.  I highly recommend Tom's boats.  I built a Sea Tour about 10 years ago

I'm building a Canvas Back Kayak.  Here are the plans for those interested.  This came from an old Mechanix Illustrated magazine. My brother ran across someone selling a pile of already cut out kayaks a few years back and he assembled one but has had limited success with his canvas skin.  We took it out this summer and it is far more stable than my kayak, a plus for a young child in my eyes.  After about 30 minutes, the water started soaking through the canvas in my brother's kayak and we came back.  I'll do a clear vinyl skin on the one I'm building so thi…