Friday, June 10, 2016

Local Media

So, for the past few weeks one of my teaching partners has been using weather bug as part of his First grade morning calendar routine. (That's right, school does not look like it did when you went.). One of the cool features on the weather bug site are local web cams.  Two of which happen to overlook Lake Kalamazoo.  So he has been kidding around with me for some time about being able to see my house on the web cam and this and that.  So I looked up the cam and had to trace it back to the wood tv 8 web site to find out he refresh rate.  Every 60 seconds it refreshes.  It took some time to figure out just which side of the flag pole in the picture I needed to be on.  After a several passes and refreshes on my phone I was able to pull some screen shots!   They're not great, after all they are web cam shots, but it is super cool to see.    As the wind died down I also did a quick sail change and for the first time flew my new Genoa!

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