Friday, April 8, 2016

Mast Up and Genoa

Today was a big day down at the boat.  Finally the sun is out and it is warming up.  Myles helped by pulling all the dryer sheets out of the cabin.  Wow Gain Apple Mango Tango dryer sheets have a strong odor.  Will be leaving the hatch open for a while to air it out in there.  

While he was in the cabin I started sorting out rigging and reattached the spreaders. I remove these during the winter so they don't get bent.  

In the process I stabbed myself pretty good with a cotter pin so I even had to find the first aid kit.

Which led to a little organizing in the cabin.

 While there I figured may as well look at the flares.  Time to replace the handhelds.  Myles had a good time testing the air horn.

Next it was time to put the mast up and tune it in.

Then I got photo Bombed.

Finally the New Genoa got fitted.


  1. He looks like he's ready to go sailing!

    1. May 1st is the beginning of my launch window. I need it to stop rain/snowing here so I can get her polished up.


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