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Cape Dory Typhoon Genoa 3 wrapping it up

Time for the hand sewing.  This is the stitch by stitch stuff that adds real strength to the pressure points on the sail.  For this, sailrite has sent along wax coated Dacron thread and a sail makers needle.  The needle is like a tiny bayonet.  Three sides and super sharp, poking yourself and you're sure to bleed a bit. I use a few other tools when doing this. One of them, is my trusty sewing awl.  This is a must have in my opinion.  I'm sure you could get by with a regular awl, but this thing makes punching through finishing leather, nylon strapping and six layers of Dacron a bit easier.   I didn't bend the needle,  it came curved.  I suspect this little curve adds some strength or at least takes direct pressure off the shaft of the needle as you jam it into something hard. This is a thick brass thimble.  Last sail I made I punched right through a little tin one and into my hand. I'm not making that mistake again.  Most of the time I actually sti

Off Sailing in February

DN 241  Kraken ICE! There has been a break here in the sewing action on the Genoa for some sailing.  Yes the ice the weather, the work schedule all fell into place here for the perfect sailing weekend. Wow and did we sail about 6 hours out on the ice between Saturday and Sunday.  My brother and I zipped up and down the lake and 40+MPH trading boats back and forth from time to time. If you have never ice boated before it is a wholly different experience than soft water sailing.  First off you're going fast, you defiantly don't want to flip so your a little more likely to ease off the sheet line sooner, and the ride can be a bit more chattery although, the ice today was in very good condition.  That said I'm a bit sore after two days of sailing.  We sailed two different kinds of boats this weekend, my DN  and my Dad's Skimmer.  The DN is clearly the dominate speed boat in this pair off but the Skimmer has a much more cushioned ride which was nice after ridding the