Saturday, August 1, 2015

Return from Davey Jones Locker

I typically drop one or two things over a year and well that's that they are gone, but this week I dropped one of the larazet hatch covers into the lake.  I was finishing a good deck scrubbing.  Picked up the hatch and thought I'll rinse it off real quick by dipping it in the lake.  The first one no problem the second one slipped from my hand and sank out of site. So time to go for my first swim in lake Kalamazoo.  

First I had to go pick up Myles from his swim class.  That is why he looks wet in the pictures also.  The marina pool has a swim program and while Myles swims I've been working on the boat.  I also grabbed the gear I needed for the dive.  

Dry bag

Child Life Guard

I put my phone into the dry bag and activated the flash light before diving several times.  The water at my dock is 5'9" so just over my head.  The flash light was not really a great help in the merky depths of  the lake.  I'm sure the marine operation going on up stream was not helping the water clarity situation either.  For the past week they have had a small tug boat, and crane barge out trying to free our resident tug boat the Reiss from the center of  lake Kalamazoo.  The Reiss has been there years and apperantly was run up on a sholl when it was delivered to the local marine history society by accident.  

After several dives I was unsuccessful.  So I bobbed up and down jumping off the bottom. Then I bobbed on some thing hard. The hatch a quick dive down and it was recovered from under foot!

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