Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bumper cover and teak.

Friday my parents were coming into town so hanging around the house I sewed this handy little bumper cover up.  The bumper is one of the good ones you can reinflate with an air compressor but it is getting a but dried out and scuffed the hull last year.  Nothing that didn't buff right out but I thought I'd sew up a cover to prevent it again this season.  This took about 30 minutes including heating up the iron deflating the bumper sewing then reinflating the bumper once it was inserted int the cover.  Not bad.

Saturday I got down and put a base coat on the toe rails. 

Sunday I came back gave the toe rails their second coat and did the maintance coat for the season on the rest of the teak.  We are really coming along.  One or two more coats of varnish then buff out the deck I'll be ready to launch!

Those are tooth picks in there so I can lock up for the night with out having varnished my drop boards together.