Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vanish Maintenance.

So this Saturday I started some varnish maintance.  It has been three years since I've done anything to the toe rails. I think, at most, I put two coats of varnish on them to begin with. So, it is no surprise they have started to break down.  The drop boards, and combing boards look great.  Plenty of maintance coats on those pieces so I won't mess with them.  Looking around online I read the best way to pull the old varnish up is to use a heat gun.  It worked great the varnish scraped right off with minimal damage to the teak underneath.  I'll go over it with some teak cleaner and try to get some varnish back on them before launch the launch date.  

Today, Wednesday it is snowing.  Have to laugh sunburn and frost bite in the same week.  Hope it warms back up before the weekend.

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