Sunday, December 27, 2015

Winter Warmth

It has not really snowed here yet and it has not been cold enough to freeze the lakes over for ice boating. All it has really done for the last month is rain. So I decided to start a sewing project. Anticipating a colder January and February, I've decided to convert one of my old main sails into a blanket.  I tried to sell it on ebay a while back but it is still here may as well put it to good use. BB and my mother also grabbed some of the old sail fabric a few weeks ago and created a set of curtains for our guest bedroom.  

I started by setting up the sewing machine in my traditional layout on the big living room floor.

Laying out the sail I used basting tape to hold the Dacron to a piece of light blue polar fleece.

Let the sewing begin.  I had a good run going when the first jam happened this little singer sewing machine just couldn't feed the fleece through and kept jamming.  I figured out after a few tries that if I ran the Dacron on the bottom and the fleece on top the feeder foot did not get full of fleece fluff and I was able to get three out of the four sides together with no problem.  The top was the hardest as the fleece wraps over the top of the Dacron and I no choice but to sew with fleece on the bottom.  To do this my mom suggested using parchment paper between the fleece and the walker foot.  This helped, but three layers of fleece and a layer of Dacron apparently is beyond the limits of this machine.  After switching to a more powerful machine, I was able to finish the project but it was with much muttering under my breath.

The finished project!  To get the largest possible blanket I went with a nontraditional shape.  

Dacron also makes some sharp looking curtains.  Here are the ones my Mom and BB sewed up a few weeks ago.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Final Close Up for the Winter

This weekend I went down to the boat, pulled off the last of the gear, and put in the rest of the mast braces for winter. This year, I figured out that my bar clamps work really nicely for rafters.  To bad I only have 3 of them so I used a few other boards and scraps I have laying around.   

Rafter Clamp Brace
Plastic molding arch over the hatch
Aft mast supports

I have found it important to  be sure to clean out the drain holes along the toe rails.  Little leaves like these can clog them up and allow water/and ice to build up on the deck.

 Finally, I cover it all up with a tarp or two

Tarp off

Rear view covered
Final cover up note the bar clamp sticking out.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Simple boat simple motor

I've been watching the big boats all around the marina.  The boat yard is a bustle with activity once again as everyone pulls their boats to winterize for the season.  

The Typoon remains so easy.  Last weekend I winterized my motor in under 10 minutes.  I drained the gear lube and refilled it with fresh lube for the spring.  Fogged the 1 cylinder and poured a bit of fuel stabilizer into the tank.  Fast easy simple.  I still need to get the tarp over the cockpit but I've been on and off the boat a few times getting measurements for a few winter projects to come.   I have to put the kitchen back together in this new house first.  Love the thrill that has come with moving to a new home but it is taking away from the boat time.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mast Dropsy

  Friday the Kraken was pulled for the season.  Tower Marine did a great job spraying off the bottom and acid washing the calcium deposits off the water line.  This winter season, I'll be storing with Tower again. They have placed me in a nice little spot in back this year. Between an abandoned Catalina 30 and "Lilly Pad" a floating home. Saturday I striped down the sails and BB helped me lower the mast.  I started to tarp it off but have a bit to do still before I finally close her up for the season.

Sails off.

Remove lower shrouds and loosen the uppers and back stay .

I pull the pin move to the back of the boat and First mate BB lowers it right into my hands easy as can be.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Out for a little cruise

Today I got away for a little cruise around the lake.  Around and around I went with my freshly patched up Genoa. It was a great day.  My Genoa is getting pretty old and the luff needed some taping up at a few wear spots. This was my first chance to sail with the fix.  For my oldest sail it still pulls well. 

Our little marina is becoming quite the place. This season we have had a pair of helicopters flying in and out on a fairly regular basis.  Defiantly adds flare to the place.  One came in right after I got back to the dock today.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Return from Davey Jones Locker

I typically drop one or two things over a year and well that's that they are gone, but this week I dropped one of the larazet hatch covers into the lake.  I was finishing a good deck scrubbing.  Picked up the hatch and thought I'll rinse it off real quick by dipping it in the lake.  The first one no problem the second one slipped from my hand and sank out of site. So time to go for my first swim in lake Kalamazoo.  

First I had to go pick up Myles from his swim class.  That is why he looks wet in the pictures also.  The marina pool has a swim program and while Myles swims I've been working on the boat.  I also grabbed the gear I needed for the dive.  

Dry bag

Child Life Guard

I put my phone into the dry bag and activated the flash light before diving several times.  The water at my dock is 5'9" so just over my head.  The flash light was not really a great help in the merky depths of  the lake.  I'm sure the marine operation going on up stream was not helping the water clarity situation either.  For the past week they have had a small tug boat, and crane barge out trying to free our resident tug boat the Reiss from the center of  lake Kalamazoo.  The Reiss has been there years and apperantly was run up on a sholl when it was delivered to the local marine history society by accident.  

After several dives I was unsuccessful.  So I bobbed up and down jumping off the bottom. Then I bobbed on some thing hard. The hatch a quick dive down and it was recovered from under foot!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Venitian Festival

This weekend we had a great group of friends come down for the weekend.  We grilled, we swam, we watched fireworks go bam.  We even got in a little sailing in before everyone got there.  

The Typhoon is a great fun boat but when you have a crowd over it is little.  Here are a few things I do to make things a bit more comfortable.  

1st I raise the boom at the mast.  This adds a good deal of extra head room for everyone.

Second get out the cushions.

3rd I close up the scuppers more than 3 people on board and we all get soggy toes.

4th I set up the cabin.  To do this I pull out the compression post and put the v berth board back in so the kids will have more room to play.  Let the party begin.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Costal Cruising and a Deck Monkey

I was down at the marina the other day and a guy I know comes over and says when was the last time you had to put $365 in you sail boat.  I figured he had just put some cash down on an engine repair.  I was racking my brain $365  ???   He stopped my train of thought as I must have been drifting off. Then he told me that is what he spent at the gas dock this morning.  I laughed, we use a gallon a gas per season, maybe a gallon.  We got to talking and we realized we had not been out on Lake Michigan since the first season we owned her.

 So we set up this weekend to head out. Lake Michigan is about 40 minutes from our dock.  This is the number one reason we sail in Lake Kalamazoo. The cannal is easy to navigate and we only had to slow down slightly for the chain ferry that crosses the river. We made it out to to a flat and smooth lake.  Here is a photo of another Cape Dory that slid out of the harbor just ahead of us.

We rigged for light wind and set off.  The plan was to go to the beach and swim ashore.  A few toe dips in the chilly lake and we decided to just sail. 

Myles had lunch on the fore deck.  Until he realized we had all the potato chips.  He came back and joined us in the cockpit for a few minutes.

Then our little deck monkey went back and played some more. Here he is about to drop the spinnaker on us. Can you say freeze.

Outward bound we sailed with the main sail and spinnaker.  On the way back the main was just in the way with the light winds we dropped it and glided in nicely.

As we headed back up the channel a nice ketch came out to see us.  He decided there was not enough wind and came right back in.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boom tent, pond yachts and sunset wings.

It's been a while since my last post and it was a week one with no pictures.  So here is a mildly better one.   

Boom tent update:  I worked on this a little this week. I took it down to do some fitting so I could size up the edges and get the tie down straps into place.  Things did not go super well.  Then I dropped one of the tent poles into the lake.  Grr...   This project is looking like it will move to the back burner until I get the boat out of the water in the fall. Some things are just better to wait on than push through. 

This is an interior view it is quite spacious.  However I need to work on ventilation it is super muggy and hot inside.  There would be little hope of spending the entire night in here with the Stagnet air. 

We worked on the the pond yacht.  Well I worked on it.  The kid played with my brace and drilled several holes in the scrap lumber.

I found our flag!   We have been looking for this all season and I pulled the sail cover off the jib this evening and Tada.   

One of the great things about where I keep my Typhoon and it being in the water it is no big deal to head down pull up the sails and take off at 8:30 at night.  This evening I went down jumped on board and was on the lake for this great sunset and a bit of wing on wing sailing.  Wrapped up and home by 10 pm.  Just a quick little breather. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wow What a Day!

So no pictures but wow we sailed.  Started with the standard working jib the wind died down and we switched to the mast head spinnaker.  Then we went to the 150 Genoa.  The wind picked back up again and built in steadily through the afternoon.  We pulled back into the dock one exhausted crew.  Having started the morning on the T-ball field kiddo was about to fall a sleep once we tied up.  We think  he may have actually dosed off for a second laying on the seat cusions.  We filled out the day with some swimming at the pool then home. For some grilling and back yard batting practice.  One of the great things about the Typhoon is it is not all time consuming you can sail it then do other thing with your day.  Now this is sad but it is 7:30 and I'm ready to crash.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Typhoon fans

If you are a Typhoon fan you should check out this video.  It is very well done and informative.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Arm Chair Sailing

Today we have had another weekend of rain. Well today it has rained and we have plans away from the lake tomorrow so this weekend has been an arm chair sailing weekend.  About a month ago I found e-regatta.  This app is available for Apple as well as Android devices.  Beware it is hard to stop playing.  My previous sailing game Sailboat Gold has been untouched.  Except for Words with Friends, e-regatta is the only game I play now.  

In e-regatta you are racing other players online.  It is far more challenging.  I rarely place above fourth place.  I have one in my last twenty races and to be honest, it was a match race.  The start line can be tough and I have no ability to sail to weather.  Just like a Typhoon captain.  I love down wind sailing just like in real life.  Spinnaker humming along.  Anyway, if you have a few minutes to burn check it out.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Start of Summer.

Today we made it out to sail!  We sailed for about and hour between the storm fronts wow was it windy.  We went main sail only and that was about it.  Came back in and as we were buttoning up the sail covers it started raining on us.   Here is a fun video we made though.

Rain rain go away

Well we have had two weekends in a row of rain.  This has really put a cramp on finishing up the varnish work for the season.  The cockpit is all finished.  I just scuffed it up and did a maintance coat. However the toe rails have just the two base coats on.  I had hopped to finish this before launch but this time of year the boat yards are on a schedule to get everyone in before Memorial Day weekend. 
So I guess I'll be hanging over the side of the boat to get at least one more coat on the toe rails sometime this summer.  

Launch date t-minus 2 days. I reset all the screws.  I had back them out slightly when varnishing.
I buff out the cabin top between rain drops.

Post launch:

This Memorial Day weekend has been heavily scheduled and I'm hopping to get out and sail today. That is weather permitting. Yesterday my wife helped me drop the mast, so I could fix the wind vane.  It looked like a seagull may have sat on it.  The vane has been bent over side ways since mid season last year. Here it is all back up straight and mast tuned in. 

Sunday evening here we are launched rigged and ready to go for Monday.  The crew does not want to sail in the rain today.  They have chose to mutiny for ice cream.  A chocolate cone does sound good.

Packing it up for winter

Sailing has been non-existent this September. With school back in session, I have time for very little else. The weekend weather has also b...