Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winter project planning

This might not work.......  Then again it might.  So today I went down to the boat and started taking measurements for a boom tent.  The plan is for this tent to start over the coach house and extend all the way to the back stay.  This will encompass the entire cockpit giving us some more room when we spend the night on board.  

After 15ish years we decided to retire our old dome tent, so I have several good quality parts to work with.  There will be three arches with approximately 50 inches between them. 


So after getting all the measurements down the wind took my note pad and threw it in the water.   Grrr. This project might be cursed.

I came home and recopied all my measurements from the soaking wet paper on to a new piece of paper. 

This is a pretty rough start.  I think I'm going to make a proto-type with some old fabric creating a rough pattern to work from before building a true final project.   
This might not work.......  Then again it might...

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