Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sail swap

Well the time of season has come.  We are past the wind swept spring and moving into true summer sailing.  This week I swapped out my main sail.  I'm running all Sail Rite sails this week.  These sails are the newest on my boat and look sharp and crisp as they fly in the air.  The previous owner sewed up the main sail and I sewed up the jib.  Together they look really sharp.  We sailed for about 4 hours this Thursday I had to drag Myles back in.  He has this new thing he wants to sail at night.  I think he just wants to stay up past bed time but I think I'll be humoring his request soon.

 As a side note all my Android Educational Apps are Free on Amazon this week to celebrate the release of my new app Sight Word Football! So if you know a teacher or have a child learning to read check it out here.

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