Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fog rolls in

So today we were out this afternoon for some fishing and sailing.  The breeze was steady but not overwhelming or overwonderful either.  As we headed out of the dock the fog began to roll in off the big lake.  A steady slow steam of white mist filled in the bay and over the next 2-3 hours it became so thick you could hardly see.

We fished first today, anchoring out in the lake and casting a few billion times.  Tangling up our lines and catching nothing.   I hate fishing but kiddo likes it.  


While fishing it was nice to watch the local sailing club out racing.  They have lasers, optis and 410s all out sailing together.

A Tarton anchored in the morning area and took some time to hoist his main and straighten out some rigging.

Once fishing time was over, we sailed a little.  I had high hopes of trying out my kite cam but forgot the string for the kite so that will have to wait until next time.  

About an hour later we were downtown and the fog had really thickened up.  As we walked down the street you could feel the cool mist on your skin.  From shore you can just make out Saugatuck's famous chain fairy halfway across the river.


  1. Fascinating fog bank. The little guy loves that boat!

    1. He really does spending time down there. I' m going to be sewing up a boom tent so we can start doing some more serious camping before next season.


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