One of the great things about the Cape Dory Typhoon is the little amount of work that needs to go into it each season to get it ready.  This time of year, I am reminded of that over and over as I prepare to launch.  Today I planned on painting the bottom but the forecast called for rain.  So, I decided to clean down the top side and give the hull a quick buff.  My old boat was an acrobatic act on a ladder that took a good portion of the day. This Typhoon was done in about an hour and a half including cleaning up just in time for the rain. While I have a good list of things to do, it look like they will come together pretty quickly if we get some decent weather. 

List to Complete:

Wax Hull
Wax Cabin Top
Fill gel coat nick
Paint bottom
Wipe out inside
Mount and prep out board.
Grease winches
Grease sea cocks
Check trailer tire air pressure
Grease trailer wheel bearings
Load cushions and safety gear. 
Go Get Wet.

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